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The Legendary Sophia Loren

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Determination and Talent enforces her beauty

A symbol of the art and history of Italian cinema, Sophia Loren will turn 80. The all-Italian pride of this great woman, the story of a myth between "yesterday, today and tomorrow", inaugurates her debut by participating in the Miss Italy pageant, becoming a symbol of the generations of the sixties and seventy.

Elegant Diva Proud of her Origins

Sophia Loren has celebrated together with all her fans, a very important milestone also personal. It represents, as well as a pleasure, also a moral duty for all Italians to remember and celebrate the elegant figure of the diva of cinema, who with her art and acting has helped to spread and increase the importance of Italian culture in Europe and abroad. National pride, Sofia Loren has never forgotten that she was the Sofia Villani Scicolone from Rome who, starting from below, was able to achieve remarkable artistic results and with commitment and determination she was able to realize all her dreams as a girl.

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